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Weekly Stab-The Moment

We are still moving forward with our current goals before quitting them. Here are a few examples to work through. I pick fitness because I can relate. Insert any goal.

Pick your poison:

  1. You started a fitness class at 6am. After day seven, the 5am alarm goes off. You feel like you fell asleep an hour ago. You let it snooze twice. You look at the buzzing alarm and shut it off. You roll back over and look at the ceiling.

  2. You started a fitness class at 7pm. After day seven you get home from work and flop on the couch. You wear out the remote buttons flipping through channels. Fatigued sets in and soon 6:45pm rolls around.

The voices:

  1. We are good. Let's take a rest day. They say overtraining is bad.

  2. I have so much to get done today.

  3. You don't belong there. Those people are in shape. You aren't.

  4. I am so sore. I can't even think about going. Maybe I can find some energy and go to the gym later.

  5. I felt like I just fell asleep.

  6. Ten minutes, just a quick snooze!

  7. My favorite tv show is about to come on.

  8. Judy invited me to happy hour.

  9. Man it will be bedtime before I know it. Where does the time go?

The choices:

1. Get off the bed! We have trained ours brain to know that when we set on these pieces of furniture, we are going to slow it down. If you struggle in the morning, Set your alarm in the kitchen so you have to walk (circulate, blood rush, heart rate increase) to turn it off. Leave a note thanking yourself for preserving your body for a quality life. Start the coffee, and pre-workout drink. Turn on the pump-me-up music.

2. Either go straight to the gym from work or don't get on the couch! It's hard to get off the couch after a tough ass day. Have your workout clothes and a love note on the couch made before you leave so you remind yourself of the goal after a hard day of work. Thank yourself for quality of life. Reward yourself after 6 days of training to binge watch your favorite show on your day off.

3. In The Moment, the goal is blurry; Not that important. The Moment strikes when anything else is better than the goal you started. Here is another issue that can boil your noodle. Some people use goals to distract from a goal. Yep! All of a sudden, that book you planned on reading seems more feasible because you know you got a cardio day planned. Yeah, let's get the oil changed when you haven't touched that oil stick in three years. Prioritize the goals and don't let a lower priority goal distract you from a higher priority goal. That is tricky because it feels right until you search your gut.

4. A reminder of the goal where you are weakest. Tape a picture of the body you want to achieve on the refrigerator, television, computer, PS4 or PS5. Tape a picture on the bed right above you so that is the first thing you see in the morning. Buy an outfit that is the size that you are working toward and hang it on the refrigerator to remind you of where you want to be.

4a. Find a location muse. Someone who you enjoy seeing there. Don't tell this person anything, just use them as a tool to get you going.

* someone who you aspire to be like. (This works especially in the morning)

* another motivated soul.

* a jolly person.

* an employee.

* a location. I use to train a beautiful park in Missouri. I looked forward to finishing to be in the presence of such a wonderful place.

*Caveat- be careful with this one. You should become the muse because what happens if they aren't there? Will you do what you need to do?

*gym! gym! gym!

If you write, is there a library or bookstore you can journal?

If you try to stop smoking, reward yourself with a new outlet.

If you are going to a class, someone is there to muse you.

Dieting-walk to a park. See who is consistently there.

Sports, Look around. See who is on the court. Favorite employee at the smoothie bar. Hell, I don't know. :)

5. Call out the voice. I bet you that is the same voice that will call you a quitter if you followed through on the choice that put you furthest away from the goal. Ask why are you sabotaging the plan? Ask what does it want? Give your mind space to acknowledge that part of your critter brain that feels threatened with the unfamiliar idea of getting in shape but tell him/her to get in the back seat. You are driving. Don't tell it to shut up. Listen. Then say thank you but this is what we are doing today. Do it.

6. Here is another one for you. Maybe the voice is right. Maybe you did hurt yourself to the point where you can't train, or maybe there is an event or thing to do that is more important. Stay organized. Manage your time. Prevent roadblocks to the goal. Talk to yourself. Perform a risk assessment. DO I have more to lose or gain if I train with my sore back.

7. Journal. Write down these moments and what they are saying to you. Know the clues. Strategize.

Today was a good example for me. I just finished my work duties and I was ready to go when I reminded myself I had to blog. First the voice said, "Do it later." I said, "Nope. Shut up!" The voice went away when I started writing. Ta-dah!

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