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Weekly Stab--I Like my Elephants Well Done.

So we have done the inner work.

We set goals.

We planned.

We prioritized our goals because some goals get in the way of bigger goals.

Now what?

Before we quit, we eat!

There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Here is my catchy proverb.

Move your ass!

-Fred Williams

I spend more time thinking than doing. Thinking is important to plan the steps, but you need to step. Steps via my limbs are the physical medium to convert the imagination into reality. Reality gives me feedback through my senses and I plan again with the mind. I know folks who are great planners but horrible doers. They can conjure up great ideas, but never execute.


Idea-->Fear of failure-->Fear of judgment-->Fear of rejection-->feeling not good enough-->Shame--->Why even bother?

Fear creates paralysis. Kill that process. Replace it with.

Idea-->Fear of failure-->Ask how?-->Research--->Do-->Fail-->Learn--Think-->Do.

Do-->Fail-->Learn-->Think-->Do until Achievement Completed.

I remember a meme that came out a few years ago. It showed two rooms, one was empty and the other was full of donated food. The caption read, which is better? A room full of prayers or a room full of action. Not trampling on beliefs (see previous blogs), but after prayers we gotta do something. Act.

Don't look at the big picture after you see the big picture!

The big picture is scary. It's huge. Seems impossible. Can't wrap your mind around it like you can't wrap your mouth around an elephant leg. Fear comes in asking how. Fear says ain't no way. Fear will give you ten thousand reasons why you can't.

Write down the goal and the plan so you separate it from your messy mind.

Before you cook it, cut it!

Just like eating an elephant, take small bites. Break the vision into small easy steps.

Let's use a new example not related to writing or fitness.

Goal: To change the oil on my car myself by next week.


  1. Dedicate time-->Saturday morning.

  2. Research

  3. Buy everything I need prior. (oil, oil filter, oil drip pan, funnel, ratchet and socket or wrench for oil drain plug, oil filter pliers and paper towels)

  4. Find location--> Babe goes shopping at 8am. Garage is free. If not use parking lot at work.

  5. Notes: Make sure I get the right oil for car, right filters.


1. Change the oil. <---Note if needed break this into smaller steps. Make it easy, then get greasy. Step 1,2,3...etc.


  1. Could not do it. When Saturday came, I was unable to get under the car to let the oil drip, or change the oil filter.

  2. Why? Car was not high enough for me to fit underneath.


  1. Buy or borrow jack and jack stands to raise the car.

Do again:

  1. Oil was changed successfully. <---Note if needed break this into smaller steps. Make it easy, then get greasy.


  1. What do I do with used oil?

  2. Was it worth the time? Maybe Jiffy Lube or dealership to change oil?

Small steps and now I am good for another 5000 miles. Small steps, but we ate the elephant. Well Done! I know this is elementary for some of you, but make my example personal.

  1. How many of you failed an exercise goal because you didn't account for the junk food you didn't clean out your closet prior to starting?

  2. How many of you skipped a workout because you didn't have a backup location when you stayed late for work and the gym closed?

  3. How many of you gave into that plate of food at the picnic because you didn't bring an alternative meal?

  4. Insert your example.

Think. Plan. Do. Fail. Learn. Do. until achieve.

If you don't, then no shame on you. <--We will talk about that one next :)

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