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Weekly Stab?

Q: What is a weekly stab?

A: A tidbit or nugget of wisdom I learned that kills your old way of thinking, so we can birth new thoughts that serve you.

Q: Why?

A: Your old thoughts brought you to this point. Time to challenge your thoughts to see if you serve them or if they serve you. If they don't serve you then kill them.

Q: How does this help me?

A: Minor adjustments to a golf swing can change the trajectory of the ball. If you don't like where you are heading, stop, pull over, burn your map, and make a new path. Weekly Stabs will help you and refresh my memory.

Q: Easier said then done, right?

A: This isn't a judgment, and there isn't a due date. We have a lifetime to change. If you regress into old thoughts, the progress is to catch yourself (awareness) and then move forward. They won't go away, but you can improve your reaction time and catch them.

Q: Give me an example.

A: In my speaking gigs I speak on quitting. I forged into stone the belief that winners never quit. Never give up. Never settle. I had to evaluate that belief, especially since I was not making the progress I hoped for after a long financial and creative effort in a previous endeavor. Ultimately, I decided that if what I wasn't doing wasn't working then I would try anything. Writing was on the backburner so I swapped what I was doing and focused my energy on creating stories. Now I get to tell you to take an evaluation on what's working in your thought life.

Q: How do I change thoughts?

A: Your brain doesn't want to effort. An example is taking on a new challenge. The brain likes to get the pattern down so you can think about other things. If you don't believe me , then take another way home that you've never taken before. Good luck! Anyway your thought patterns appear in your conscious automatically. Sometimes you don't give it a second thought.

Let's pick one. I am ugly. When you hear I am ugly, stop for a moment, and ask yourself am I really ugly? Who told you that? Is it true? What might be true instead? Use that process to challenge that lie. I use morning affirmations to uphold my new beliefs before I start my day. It's like giving the marching orders.

Q: So What?

A: Think what you could do when you (authentic self ) get you (the liar, the critic, the fearful) out our your way to do what you (authentic self) want to do. No one could stop you (authentic self), but, you (the liar, the critic, the scared you) are afraid of change. It triggers the you (liar, critter brain, fearful) that wants safety. Change is not safe (lie). Routine is safe (lie).

There you have it. Getting stabbed hurts, but let's cut you open and dig out the old shit that's holding you back.


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