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Speaker, National Bestselling Author, and Mentor


Fred Williams

Fred Williams
Fred Creates

About Fred

What happens when your leap of faith has a hard landing?

I've sat for endless hours at the graveyard of broken dreams. Firmly planted on my seat, I've stared at the crumbling grave markers of each failure etched in stone. With each passing day, my grief increased as I returned to resurrect these failed accomplishments.

Some of you have no idea what I am speaking of. You rode the wave of glory to meet your childhood dreams. They said to believe in yourself. They said never quit, never give up and never stop short of your goals. Your consistency matched your talent, and opportunity knocked at the right moment, but that was not my journey.

My consistency was met with roadblocks, and in those roadblocks, I had to make hard decisions. Did I pray hard enough? Did I do something wrong? The prize was promised to the one who endured. But, what happened?

I'll tell you what happened...

National Bestselling Author


Dark, suspenseful writing style.

Fred is determined to bring readers a new storytelling experience guiding them down a twisted dark rabbit hole where moral ambiguity abounds. Known for his dark and suspenseful style, he discovered his passion for writing and jumped on the scene in 2019, leading to multiple short stories being published in various anthologies.


Williams was featured in the 2019 Santa Barbara Literary Journal, Stardust, and had one of his tales published on Max Talley’s Delirium Corridor. His premiere novel, Scramble: A Perfect Recipe For Math, Murder, and Revenge, has been released to critical acclaim in August 2020, and two other books are to be published soon.


Fred will motivate your audience to reinvent their definition of success.

Fread Creates
Fred Williams

What's Being Said

Scramble is an action packed thriller!

Williams's unique voice and

cast of characters offers a story I've

never before seen. 

Like Pulp Fiction meets Billy Baldwin.



Fred Williams
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