Fred Talks? Yes, he does!

What happens when your leap of faith has a hard landing?

I’ve sat for endless hours at the graveyard of broken dreams.  Firmly planted on my seat, I’ve stared at the crumbling grave markers of each failure etched in stone.  With each passing day my grief increased as I returned, to resurrect these failed accomplishments. Some of you have no idea what I am speaking of. Some of you rode the wave of glory to meet your childhood dreams. They said believe in yourself. They said never quit. You never gave up, you never quit, and you fought through.  For those of you in that minority, I salute you. Your consistency matched your talent and luck.  Opportunity knocked at the right moment.


That is not my journey.

My consistency was met with roadblocks, and in those roadblocks, I had to make hard decisions. Letting go of a vision I had since childhood wrecked shop inside. Did I pray hard enough?  Did I do something wrong? The prize was promised to the one who endured. What happened?

I'll tell you what happened.


I quit.


Then I found what I was really looking for. All I had to do was let go of what I thought I wanted.

If life has thrown a wrench in your equation:

  • Career goals met with failure and setbacks.

  • You put yourself out there, and boy, did you regret that.

  • Dreams deferred or even destroyed.

  • Midlife crisis anyone?

  • You met the goal, but it’s not what you expected.

  • Started a goal on Jan 1st, and by March 1st it’s on the shelf.

  • A voice from the past (parent, sibling, school bully) moved into your head, and now serves as your Monday morning quarterback judging you and doubting every decision you make.

  • 1+1 does not equal 2 anymore.

  • You are sitting in the graveyard of dead dreams.


·         Set goals based on the experience, not results.

·         Learn truths about expectations and outcomes.

·         Find opportunities behind your fears.

·         Deprogram the “bullysh-t” that got us here in the first place.

·         Tame the bully in your head. 

·         Recommend books that reinforce the new you.

Fred will motivate your audience to reinvent their definition of success.


I want to talk. We fell off the bike. We cried. Now let’s dust ourselves off and try again...after we make adjustments. We have sat at the graveyard of broken dreams long enough. There is a new you outside of the graveyard and I want to help you leave it. The ads, and posters are wrong. Sometimes quitting is the best decision you can make.