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ISBN 978-0-578-70213-1

Le’Angelo “Lee” Brooks, a streetwise and sharp kid who was raised by his grandmother, is devastated after his parents are killed by a drunk driver. When his parents’ killer, Rogan Stone, is released on good behavior, Lee is hellbent on avenging his parents’ death, despite warnings from his older brother, Jonas, and his wise-but-nosy neighbor, Neru.

Ava Minnow is a strong single mom who believes in the power of the belt. When her day at work is interrupted by her gifted son Dazzo’s refusal to control his tongue, she shows up at his school to whup him. She dreams of the day she can move her family into a better neighborhood, one in a top school district. To add to her troubles, an armed man appears at her door demanding full payment immediately for an old loan. Faced with an unattainable amount of money due in a short amount of time, and the pressure to save her son’s life, she confronts her past and takes the drastic step of committing robbery to pay off her overdue balance.

Dr. Clark Watson, principal at Happy Canyon Elementary School, believes the only way to save his community is through education. And he’s willing to kill for his principles. In addition to hunting down derelict past students, he is determined to stop Osbourne, a prominent drug lord in the city of St. Louis, from running for public office.

Lee, Ava, and Dr. Watson all have a taste for Della’s special-order eggs and the wise counsel she serves up at the Waffle Diner. Their cravings and desire for direction prove nearly fatal for all three when their paths cross on the night the diner burns to the ground.

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Happily Ever After You

A Short Story

Neru Khudjan is fixated on the two words that forever changed his life: "After you."


One year after allowing a harried businesswoman to step in front of him at a convenience store, Neru's inner demons have gotten the best of him, leading to an obsession over what life would look like had he been the lucky lottery winner instead of that damn Bobbi Booker. 

An unexpected visitor careens into his life, giving him the opportunity to re-evaluate if what "could have been" is worth his life... 

Chrome No. 22


After working a double shift at the hospital, Ronez falls asleep at the wheel on the way home and awakes to the sound of an accident unfolding.  She totals the truck belonging to entrepreneur Brooklyn Davis and the magic begins. Not planning on having a wreck, Ronez and Brooklyn also didn’t plan on falling for each other. Ronez’s sunny outlook spreads to her favorite patient, Charon Mines, while under her care.  Her barely audible words of advice thanks to a mild stroke resonate deep in Ronez’s heart. Charon knows something is wrong and tries to quell a turbulent storm brewing inside her. Will her sweet words comfort Ronez when her life wrecks a second time?


It couldn’t get any worse than coming home after a hard day’s work and finding your wife in bed with your neighbor, Hunter Bates.  Jonas Brooks sadly moves on but is stuck wrestling with his wife's infidelity.  We catch up with him several years later sitting in traffic late for a job interview.  An accident up ahead fuels his anger because, “nothing never goes right.” On top of that he can’t get a grip on his sick grandmother in the hospital and a renegade younger brother who’s up to no good.  When he gets stuck in an elevator, he grapples with what is fair when life’s mounting challenges push him over the edge.

Love Unrequited


Witnessing the death of her favorite patient, coping with bad news at the doctor’s office, and watching her dreams erode into a nightmare triggered an alter ego in Ronez bent on never being disrespected again. She reunites with her ex-boyfriend, the hot Senator from St. Louis, Sario Jordan, who promised he is a changed man who wants a chance to right the many wrongs done to her. She contemplates if she should rekindle the flame with him, but one question will resurface a Love—and pain—so great that we realize her broken heart wasn’t in vain and her tab is paid in full.


Love patiently arrives to rescue Kira, a young girl who is suffering at the hands of an abusive dad. Love kindly demands the girl to help her find her mom. She encounters many people on her journey who deserve a chance encounter with pure Love including a recently divorced man down on his luck many years after getting fired from his job, a professional football player who hopes to qualify at the next tryouts, and a police officer who loves to risk it all on lucky seventeen.


Love Unrequited is a sinister love story about the message of enduring love
and unforgiveness.